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Debt Management

We will get into the nuts and bolts of specific deal issuance including:

  • In conjunction with Bond Counsel, assist in drafting articles and motions on loan orders and borrowing authorization
  • Assist in satisfying various matters pertaining to the legal requirements letter presented by Bond Counsel
  • Review and analyze municipality’s current credit position along with recommendations for improvement
  • Assist in preparation of presentations to major rating agencies
  • Prepare financing schedules
  • Advise on projected debt service and issuance costs
  • Advise on appropriate principal structure, term and payment dates
  • Assist in preparation of offering disclosure
  • Advise on availability and viability of bond insurance or other credit enhancements
  • Advise issuer on most appropriate method of sale (competitive vs. negotiated)
  • Assist in selection of underwriter, if appropriate
  • Manage all aspects of bond/note sale including confirmation of bids
  • Assist in coordination and execution of closing documents
  • Management of bond/note settlement and delivery of proceeds