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Project Management – Our Team Supports Your Team

  • Expertise in Debt Management
  • ESCO Financing and Consulting Services
  • Comprehensive Advisory Relationship
  • Accessible and Available


Strategic Consulting

In servicing our clients’ debt needs, it has become apparent that there are services where they need additional assistance. UFASI works with these clients on a consulting basis to make sure all their financial issues are addressed through a carefully defined scope of services. Examples of the types of services we offer are:

  • Capital Planning
  • Financial Modeling
  • Drafting and Implementing Financial Policies
  • Revenue Analysis for Self-Supporting Enterprises
  • ESCO Consulting

Debt Administration


Debt administration relates to the ongoing monitoring of a client’s debt position, debt service payments and other ancillary needs required by securities laws. These include:

  • Maintain on-going surveillance of outstanding debt for refunding opportunities
  • Prepare detailed revenue and expenditure projections
  • Draft special acts of the state legislature
  • Assist in preparation of presentations to major rating agencies
  • Prepare financing schedules showing debt impact on municipal budgets.

Debt Management


UFASI provides a comprehensive advisory relationship including creative expert in Debt Management.

Case Studies


(Case studies are provided as examples only.  These examples may not be representative of the experience of other clients.  Past performance does not guarantee future results.)